More and More People Are Searching For More Meaning In Life

After one has earned all the money they can possibly make, acquire all of the trappings of life that can possibly acquire, they soon discover there must be more to life than money and things. Do you know someone like this or perhaps its you? One thing is for sure, if you have financial and material wealth and yet you have poor health, you're … [Read more...]

Elevating Our Spiritual Consciousness Improves Our Life

Now more than ever we encounter stressors in life that will either define who we are or challenge us like nothing we've ever experienced before. Whether we see a horrific incident on television such as planes disappearing from the radar screen or a personal tragedy involving someone we know or love who may have been the victim of a home invasion, … [Read more...]

Have A Vision For Success

We can mutually agree if we're to achieve a measure of success, a vision for it must exist. My question to you is, what is your vision for success? Few if any, have succeeded without having a vision for success. Success in and of itself, is different for everyone and that's why it's important to determine what success looks like for you and … [Read more...]

Become An Expert Interviewer – Getting Your Message Out In A Bigger Way With The Media!

Are you ACCIDENTALLY SABOTAGING your business relationships due to a lack of media exposure? There is something important you need to know. And it's probably something you haven't given much thought to. If you want to succeed...I mean REALLY succeed in your business and personal life... If you want to have strong, meaningful, long-term … [Read more...]

Dose of Inspiration for today: "When we live by faith and not by fear, we're able to overcome any obstacle in life. Here's to us all having faith in everything we do in life. Have a great day." … [Read more...]

Have Your Very Own Olympic Moments

  The Olympics represent the pinnacle of global athletic competition. Given that the 2014 Winter Olympics is taking place in Sochi, Russia, its fitting for you to discover how you can have your very own Olympic moments in business and in your personal life. If you're an entrepreneur that happens to be an author, speaker, coach, trainer … [Read more...]

Make 2014 Your Best Year Ever-Get Motivated!

  The new year underway and my question to you is this, have you taken time out of your schedule to think about what you want to achieve in 2014? I'm asking you this question because it's not too late to do so. Perhaps you don't think you need to set goals or you simply want to drift through this year. What you must take into … [Read more...]

What You Do Today Speak Volumes About Your New Year

  Every year people discuss, share and talk about New Year resolutions. It's an interesting concept in more ways than one. Most people don't achieve their resolutions, because they're not goals. People should set goals and write them down. The reason goals should be written down is because people act on them and should review them … [Read more...]

Become the Media and Get Your Message Out in a Bigger Way

Several years ago after becoming a motivational speaker and author, I wanted to get my message out in a bigger way. Why? Great questions and I will share why I wanted to get my message out in a bigger way. After thousands of miles of travel speaking to audiences around the world, going on book tours, interviews with radio and TV stations … [Read more...]

Success Comes To Those Who Are Not Afraid To Fail

We can mutually agree, if we want more out of life, we have to do the work. Entrepreneurs who achieve success leading their companies do so knowing, they could fail and yet, new businesses startup every day. So how does one achieve success in business? Great question and I will answer how one achieves business success. First of all, in order … [Read more...]